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The brand new Children’s Emergency Room at Florida Hospital Tampa brings pediatric emergency care closer to home for many Tampa families. Every detail of the Doc1stER℠ 4 Kids has been intentionally designed to improve the emergency room experience for our youngest patients.

To create a child-friendly environment, we have transformed our Doc1stER℠ 4 Kids into the deck of a pirate ship. Our patient rooms feature innovative technology intended to calm and distract children and their families while being treated.

Our Doc1stER℠ 4 Kids has implemented advanced medical equipment and procedures that are tailored to pediatric emergency care, ensuring that each child receives the safest medical attention possible. Every patient will see one of our board certified emergency physicians — specialists in pediatric care — at the beginning of the visit. This allows the physician and our specially trained staff to work quickly and get the diagnostic testing and treatment needed, often with innovative pain-free techniques.

Our state-of-the-art Children’s Emergency Room Features:

  • Board certified emergency physicians specialized in pediatric care available 24/7
  • Child-friendly, pirate-themed environment
  • One triage room
  • 10 private treatment rooms
  • Philips Ambient Experience Technology
  • Dedicated radiology suite

The Doc1stER℠ 4 Kids Experience

Patients in our Children’s Emergency Room will benefit from a new approach to emergency care where they will see a doctor first.

Diagnostic Testing

Our Children's Emergency Room has its own dedicated radiology suite that uses advanced technology to minimize the amount of radiation children are exposed to and produces clear imaging.

Bringing Your Child to Doc1stER℠ 4 Kids

Parents often debate whether or not they should take their child to the emergency room. “Is my child really that sick or injured?” “Will it take too much time?” “Am I overreacting?” The physicians and staff in our Doc1stER℠ 4 Kids want parents to take comfort in knowing that their child’s health and safety is our top concern, as well.

Experience it for yourself: view our Doc1stER℠ 4 Kids slideshow.

Children will be transported into the colorful and imaginative setting of a pirate ship in the waiting area, which will help to distract them from their worries. When ready for treatment, they will enter “Healing Island” as they make their way to one of the 10 state-of-the-art pediatric treatment rooms. Once checked in, you and your child will be brought into the private room just off of the lobby or taken back to a treatment room, where you will see one of our board certified pediatric emergency specialists first. The doctor’s team includes a nurse and technician, who will assist the doctor as he listens to your symptoms, explains the possible causes and orders the appropriate tests to help determine a diagnosis. Our pediatric treatment rooms use Philips Ambient Experience Technology to help calm patients with dim, colorful lighting, and playful projections on the wall. Patients and their families are able to control the scene and the lighting in each room, providing a sense of control and reducing anxiety during a potentially stressful time.

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